Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28 NLT


The morning sky is gray. Now and then a smattering of drizzle reaches parched ground. I’m one of those persnickety folk who likes their rain at night, my margin of comfort level with the weather, narrow.

Summer days have been relentless this year, sapping me of energy, adding to my already heaping dose of fatigue. Trapped inside by sweltering heat, drought curling leaves on the dogwood trees. Pots of geraniums resembling Ezekiel’s field of dry bones. Skeletons, lacking vibrancy, rattling in the wind.

I am weary. Weary of closed windows, darkened rooms, canned air blowing from vents. Weary of near fainting when I dare to step outside. Swallowing sodium pills, and extra Gatorade.

I have done the thing, I promised myself I would never do. Turned down the covers, taking naps.


Four years, I have resisted this one thing, fearful of the day I wouldn’t be able to get up. Taking rest curled up in my favorite chair.

I shoved away the fear, climbed between layers of down, whispered words to God. Listened to the words He whispered back.

“come to me and I will give you rest.” 

Weary melted in the decadence of stolen time. Pain became a distant haze.

It was a gift, a gift to myself, my weary body. It might have been the best medicine I have given myself. Grace to take a time out. Push the noise of life outside the door. Leave the phone in another room. Breathing in lavender and sheets that smell of fresh air.

Breathing in grace and comfort from an ever present Helper.

Gifts of Grace

Tammy Mashburn

For the spirit of God has made me, and breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Job 33:4 NLT





17 thoughts on “Weary

  1. I could really relate to the weariness today. While I have the challenges of FMS AND CFS, I have been managging pretty well.But my husband has taken a turn at chronic problems. His sleeplessness has kept me awake and then my mind won’t quit and I stay awake all night. Last weekend I had three nights in a row. I finally decided Sunday afternoon to given in to the Sunday afternoon nap. It was a gift to me as well.
    Trust that God is giving you the rest you need.

    1. I understand the weariness as well. I suffer from chronic migraine and its debilitating symptoms really pull me down. I usually say that ” my spirit is willing but my poor body is weak”! It is difficult to constantly be physically challenged when our spirits want to go and do like we wish. Taking more rest and listening to what our bodies are saying to us is a gift from the Holy Spirit in obedience and humility I think. May we all experience some peace and refreshment this day.

  2. I have been so busy this summer with planning a summer vacation across the country, and readying my oldest son to move to another state, and my daughter to her own apartment. Weary is the right description. And you know, the temptation is to keep going forward and carrying all the weight myself. but thank you for the reminder that we can transfer the weight to Jesus and find rest in his arms.

  3. I find myself there too at times. Three years ago, I was recovering from major cancer surgery and was so thankful for the energy I had regained. I don’t take good days for granted as much as I used to, but still need to remember to rest in Him and in His words.

    1. Christina, you are so right! Once we’ve walked through the wilderness, we do not take our days for granted! That’s what sustains me, the gifts of grace sprinkled in my ordinary day.

  4. Tammy, what a refreshing post! I, too, just don’t go to bed to take naps during the day. I like to lie back in the chair for a few minutes. I don’t know why I fight rest, because a short nap in bed would be so relaxing and refreshing. Maybe I’ll just try it! Blessings to you dear sister! xo

  5. I love that Scripture from Job, truly it is the Breath of our Almighty that we need. And I do the same thing though, and resist taking that rest time to breathe in His refreshing! Thank you for sharing these precious thoughts. You are in my prayers. –Blessings to you

  6. Love you Tammy. You really need to listen to your body. If it says rest, then rest! It really is ok. I think that’s why sabbath is so important in our lives.

  7. This was so beautiful. I have learned to do the same thing. I nap much better in the bed. Love
    the feel of the sheets and a blanket on top. I freeze to death at times. I consider this a great
    Blessing for day time.Don’t feel bad for this just consider a great Blessing. Enjoy your free time.
    I am sure kids are enjoying the Beach. Hope Cecil can join in on the nap. This is suppose to
    be so good for us. Keep up great work.



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